There are many ways to arrive in Chicago

Arriving By Plane

You can fly to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Midway International Airport (MDW). Midway is closer to UChicago and has fewer traffic issues, but O’Hare has many more flights that go to far-flung destinations. O’Hare is a United hub, so the most flights are through United.

Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Airport

Public transportation takes approximately two hours. You need to purchase a CTA card and load it with $5.25. Hop on the CTA Train for $5.25. It takes approximately two hours. Board the Blue Line and, after a roughly 45-minute ride, get off at the Jackson stop. Head upstairs to street level, walk east one block to the intersection of Jackson and State Streets, and catch the #6 bus heading south, using your CTA card. The #6 bus will take you straight to Hyde Park along Lake Shore Drive

A taxi takes 45 without traffic, but up to 2 hours with traffic. It might be around $60, but more in traffic.

Midway International (MWD) Airport

Public transportation: Follow signs for the CTA Trains, which also lead to the CTA buses. Board the #55 bus to Hyde Park and, after about 45 minutes (maybe a little longer during rush hour), get off at Dorcester for the Sophy and Lake Park for the Hyatt. You will be on 55th street (hence the bus number).

A taxi from Midway to Hyde Park costs about $30 and takes about half an hour.

Arriving By Car

There is ample parking near the venue. The East-West streets 59th and both directions in the Midway have free parking. There is construction in the area due to construction of the Obama Center, so make sure you look at updates on traffic patterns closer to the time of the conference.