ICER 2023 is a hybrid conference and offers both virtual and physical options to participate in the full main conference program. You can register on the CVENT ICER 2023 registration site.

I am a DC Participant, How Do I Register?

Accepted Doctoral Consortium participants contact the DC chairs for information on how to register for ICER.

Can I Participate Virtually?

Absolutely! We understand that physical (in-person) participation may not be feasible for everyone. Thus, ICER 2023 offers a way to participate virtually, both for presenters and for all other participants.

We are planning the main conference program so that virtual participants can fully participate. Not only does this include watching all the talks, participating in the roundtable discussions, asking questions, as well as presenting, but it also includes participating in informal interactions and and casual discussions.

What are the Benefits of Physical Participation?

Both virtual and physical participants can participate in the full technical program. Physical participants also get to attend the excursion, as well as the lunches and coffee breaks that are included in the physical registration. They of course also benefit from face-to-face interaction with other physical participants beyond the scheduled program (e.g., while going for an evening stroll along the beautiful lake). Finally, participating in person avoids “Zoom fatigue” and has the benefit that participants are not torn between participating in the conference and other commitments at their home location.

What Virtual Platform will we use?

We will use Discord, with Zoom as a backup, so that virtual and physical participants can be part of one whole ICER community.

What will be the Approximate Schedule?

We plan for ICER 2023 to be a synchronous hybrid experience; that is, each activity (e.g., a paper talk) will take place at one given point in time, and physical and virtual participants can join in and interact at that time. Those times will be aligned with the local times at the conference venue.

We currently foresee three main conference days that might start around 8:30am Chicago time, and go until about 6pm Chicago time. Finally, when scheduling the paper presentations, we will do our best to accommodate presenters who participate virtually so they can present at a reasonable time in their time zone., but we cannot guarantee it

What are the Registration Options and Fees

Register by Wednesday, June 21, 2023 to benefit from the early registration rates.

Registration closes July 7 2023. All registrations after that time may not receive excursion tickets and are subject to space constraints.

Mode Level Membership    Early (6/21) (USD)    Normal (7/7) (USD)    Refund (if cancelled by 6/27)
Virtual Student Member 266.67 341.67 100
Virtual Student Non-Member + SIGCSE Membership 291.67 366.67 100
Virtual Student Non-Member 366.67 441.67 100
Virtual Professional    Member 400 500 200
Virtual Professional Non-Member + SIGCSE Membership 450 550 200
Virtual Professional Non-Member 500 600 200
Physical    Student Member 400 475 200
Physical Student Non-Member + SIGCSE Membership 475 550 200
Physical Student Non-Member 500 575 200
Physical Professional Member 600 700 300
Physical Professional Non-Member + SIGCSE Membership 690 790 300
Physical Professional Non-Member 800 900 300


Extra reception $55

Extra banquet $125

Should you register for physical participation, you can optionally purchase additional excursion tickets if you would like to bring along a guest to the Wednesday evening excursion. The excursion is a boat tour of the river to view Chicago architecture followed by a view of Navy Pier fireworks from Lake Michigan.

Can I Cancel or Modify my Registration?

Given that ICER 20223is a hybrid conference, you will need to decide whether you want to participate virtually or physically. Given the budgetary implications and the constraints we are operating under, you have to decide this at the time you register.

However, you can cancel or modify the registration (using your registration confirmation number) until the modification/cancellation deadline (June 26, 2023 at 23:59 CEST). Regrettably, cancellations received after that date cannot be honored. The conference committee recognizes that sometimes last-minute cancellations can’t be avoided due to weather, travel disruptions, and/or health issues. However, the conference incurs expenses for which it is liable based on registration counts. In-person registrants are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance to cover their non-refundable expenses. Note that modifications (e.g., switching from physical to hybrid or vice versa) and cancellations are subject to modification/cancellation fees, because any modification or cancellation generates costs we cannot recover. Also, switching after the early registration deadline causes the new fee to be computed based on the normal category.

Why are the Registration Fees so high?

We are doing our best to keep fees low while providing the unique experience expected of an ICER conference. We are locating the conference at a university to avoid a high-priced venue rental, and we are avoiding the most famous go-to venues for the reception and banquet to avoid costly, binding up-front commitments before we have a reasonable estimate of the number of physical participants. That said, all registration fees are “at cost”.

The costs of virtual participation in a hybrid conference are higher than the costs of virtual participation in a purely virtual conference. And the costs of physical participation in a hybrid conference are higher than the costs of physical participation in a purely physical conference. This is because the fees for virtual and physical participants need to cover the extra cost of bridging the physical and virtual participation experience.

The fees for physical participants at ICER 2023 also include the Wednesday evening excursion, lunches, and coffee breaks, which have increased in price considerably since the beginning of the pandemic.

Do I need a Visa?

You may need a visa to enter the USA. Check the official information at the for entry requirements.

Where can I Register?

You can register on the CVENT ICER 2023 registration site.