Wed 9 Aug 2023 11:05 - 11:30 - Elementary School Coding

Computer science learning in primary school classrooms has expanded, necessitating effective instructional strategies for this age group. Gallery Walks are a common activity to allow peers to share their work and give feedback on peers’ work. Like other skills, providing effective feedback may require scaffolding and/or instruction for some students, especially bilingual students.

Currently, there is little work exploring how CS students provide peer feedback without extensive instruction, especially at the primary school level (aged 5-11). We analyzed the feedback 4th grade students gave on a structured worksheet during a gallery walk. We found that students often provided both compliments and suggestions when prompted, but their feedback focused primarily on program aesthetics (e.g., characters, sounds, or storyline) rather than programmed elements, even when directed to focus on the program. In addition, bilingual and non-bilingual classes differed in how students followed the worksheet structure.

Wed 9 Aug

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10:40 - 11:30
Elementary School CodingResearch Papers

Session Chair: Margaret Hamilton

How are Elementary Students Demonstrating Understanding of Decomposition within Elementary Mathematics?
Research Papers
Maya Israel University of Florida, Jiehan Li University of Florida, Wei Yan University of Florida, Noor A. Elagha University of Illinois Chicago, Corinne A. Huggins-Manley University of Florida, Feiya Luo University of Alabama, Diana Franklin University of Chicago
An Analysis of Gallery Walk Peer Feedback on Scratch Projects from Bilingual/Non-Bilingual Fourth Grade Students
Research Papers
Jen Tsan WestEd, Chloe Butler Texas State University, David Gonzalez-Maldonado University of Chicago, Jonathan Liu University of Chicago, Cathy Thomas Texas State University, Diana Franklin University of Chicago